It was just a normal day for most, but not for a few battle hardened veterans who were preparing their selves for a weekend of camaraderie, drinking and fun.


The setting for this weekend had been chosen; it was a small town in the north west of England a small insignificant place that to the unknown was to become a place of battle and was to welcome the foreign invader with open arms.


It was a nice day in England when the advanced force arrived to lay siege to the bar first to arrive was Jari a hardened drinker from the frozen wastelands of the north,

Second to arrive where the Flying Dutchmen who arrived via Liverpool airport in the guise of tourists.

And then later on during the day the heavy guns would arrive this contingent arrived via stanstead airport and where they were bringing the main force of heavy weaponry along,

Along with big appetites for the local beers and spirits.


The first evening was a mainly good humoured one, of getting to know each other and to establish good relations with the local population it seemed that Wigan was happy to welcome this band of brothers from foreign lands, and many a conversation was had with the locals, the drinking did not go on all night though as these battle weary troops needed to rest for what was about to come the following day.


The Saturday came along with expectations of what lay ahead and what challenges they were to face, the first challenge was to rally the troops ready to face the day breakfasts were eaten refreshments were had when of all things a chicken nearly brought the day to a halt !!!!

No only joking, but when the troops had been refreshed and had prepared their selves the journey began, it was but an hours drive to the starting point for the day a place called blackpool pleasure beach, this place was to become a fixed memory for most of the guys as this is where they faced fear adrenaline and it is where patience became a virtue,

Upon arrival the weapons were handed out (wristbands) and they went in search of their first adventure it was to become the rollercoaster followed by what can only be described as a medieval torture device that seemed to awaken the adventurers spirits even more then after some local refreshments they came to their biggest challenge thus far the “BIG ONE “ Europe’s fastest and longest rollercoaster the challenge was the ride but also the queue to get on it! which seemed to take forever, as it seemed that on this day everyone else had decided to come to the amusement park as well, I think that everyone of the guys that faced this challenge where to come away smiling and with a feeling of achievement, but alas the day was moving on and we needed to make moves back to Wigan to get refreshed for the nights drinking, so it was back on the road to Wigan after what had been a good afternoon but if it had not been busy it would have been so much better.


The evening started out with a few beers and sambucas again the strain was beginning to show as eagle went for a 2 hour shower (we believe he fell asleep) and (lex also became a casualty of fatigue) but as the evening was going on we decided upon eagles arrival to go to Wigan town centre where we took a few beers and admired the local talent, it became obvious though that the reconnaissance photos were not appreciated by all but after a few tactful words by tonto the situation became calm again, it was not to be too late a night as the plan was to visit man utd the following day, the following incidents are classified and you must ask eagle for security clearance (but here is an hint he achieved one of his goals for the weekend)


Sunday arrived along with some sore heads but happy hearts as for some this was to be a day of dreams, again we started the day with breakfast and then it was on to town to catch a train for Manchester (but first we had a beer) the train arrived on time but we missed out on fame by just a few seconds as we had been asked to star in a photo shoot for a bands album cover, alas fame escaped us yet again the journey into Manchester was uneventful but the strain was beginning to show on the faces of the heavy guns as one of our most fiercest and most able warriors was looking a little green, he and 1 other decided to sample the delights of Manchester instead of visiting the theatre of dreams,

This challenge was to be one of the most eye opening for these world travelled weary warriors as they ventured into the china town area and then into the “gay village” this seemed to cause some amusement and trepidation as I received a phone call from a somewhat worried warrior about his predicament but a really funny one.


The rest of the troops then set about catching the metro to “OLD TRAFFORD” upon arrival at this bastion of legends and sporting glory the awe came upon the faces of the troops as they set about trying to conquer this citadel of dreams (to find the entrance) when this happened and we entered this labyrinth of hope and dreams it became apparent that for at least two of the warriors that this was going to be a penultimate point to the weekend, as for one of the warriors it was one of the 3 stadiums that he had set as a goal to visit an almost quest to achieve, it was like an almost religious act a pilgrimage that he had set himself to be able to visit these shrines of glory,


At 2:30 pm g.m.t the tour began it started by the troops being led through the many walkways and steps that would lead through to stands were the view that became apparent was awe inspiring this view caused not excitement but a totally different reaction for the first time the group became speechless, it was almost breathtaking to view this idyllic sight of so many sporting achievements and of personal goals where dreams had been made and also where they had been fulfilled, after an initial introduction to the stadium we set off visiting the sights, we had details explained to us by the informative guide, we visited the press room the changing rooms, we walked where legends had previously walked and then it came upon us the view from the tunnel this is where we the warriors were lined up to view and to hear what the players would experience when they were ready to walk out on a match day into the arena, after this we went to the dugout where we sat in the place of heroes,


Overall the tour was a great experience and one that will be cherished by all good friends in a place that shall live on forever in the hearts and minds of those that have visited.


After a quick visit to the shop to buy goodies we went for something to eat and drink after that we made the journey back into Manchester and again met up with the other guys for the train journey back to Wigan.


The last night! Sunday evening we all met up at the hotel and ventured to a local restaurant to eat our last meal together, we were joined here by my family, my wife and two kids and also by my nephew and his wife, we all had a good time here the food was good the beer also, and the company was the best company I have found myself in, in many a year, kind words were said here and this is where I felt that it had all been worthwhile everyone got along great over the weekend with no arguing or falling out and overall one of the best experiences and some of the nicest people I have had the opportunity to meet.


Monday was mainly a day for travel after saying our farewells we all went our separate ways to our respective countries to tell of our adventures to our families and also to reflect upon our new confirmed friendships with each other and upon a final note a battle cry was heard “ooooha O.v.F “



 O.v.F has hade a summer’s leave, where there haven’t been as much going on as usual. But there have still been several players out there almost every day.

During the summer there have been some other things that have happened. We have got five new members, Hj, Chris, Darkluca, Omer and Hx and welcome to you al, nice to have you with us.

O.v.F has hade a gathering in Gothenburg in the beginning of august where Finnen, Papa, Jari Shampo and Bulten met each other in real life. Lots of beers and lots of fun, the pictures are to be seen in the gallery.



A lot of things have happen here, but this pages havn’t been updated untill now.

 We have got several new members Stylie, Brutalis, Atlas, Death Man, Cronus, Hellfire and Mgee. And I guess that it’s better to welcome to O.v.F late then never.

 So welcome to O.v.F bors and have a great time with us in O.v.F.

 Everything isn’t good news, our old bro Kennii have left us and moved on, to an other clan.



We got a new member, Ghost. He has played with us several times so you might already meet hem in the VC world. Welcome to the clan bro.

And we might need hem now, because we have registered for the CB Spring Cup and there will probably be a lot of fights coming up.


Our old brother Finnen has decided to come back to the clan, and along with him we got a new brother, Trym, how we also know, (or feared) from the VhF. So welcome to O.v.F bros.


Body have joined O.v.F, we have already met her several times on the virtual battlefield, so we al know her from before. Welcome to the clan sis.


We have hade a lot of players that joined our clan, but after a while never been heard from again, so those players never made it through the recruit and our member list have been shortened.

We wish them al good luck in the future, and maybe we’ll cyu out there.


One of our founder, Finnen have left O.v.F to join the Swedish clan VhF, we wish him good luck with his new brothers.

The $mOk3r, and Smeagol has not been seen sense there trail started in O.v.F, therefore they haven’t been accepted in to the clan and there trail ends.

 But thereisn’t only bad news, we also got a new member, The Revan, and we welcome you into the clan.


O.v.F keeps on growing, so now we got the pleasure to welcome Ragnarok, The $mOk3r, Johan and Crimson as our new brothers..  


We have continued our recruiting, and got one more new member. So O.v.F wish you our newest brother Lule(SWE) welcome to the clan.


We have got to new members in the clan, Smeagol and Bl.Eagle. We welcome you both to the O.v.F and wish you a good time at the battlefield.


We have discussed whit the KGB clan about starting an alliance with them. Everything is now settled and the alliance is official. So we in the O.v.F welcome al our new KGB brothers and sisters.  

And to al adders how are coming by, visit them on there website


The clan are official y started

= < ( O.v.F ) > =