Mail Help

Setting up Outlook

Open Outlook and select Tools. Click "E-mail Accounts"

Select "Add a new e-mail account"

Click "Next"

Select POP3 and click "Next"

Enter Your name and E-mail address

In "Incoming mail server (pop3)", enter

If your Internet Service Provider's mail server is slow, or the provider does not offer an
SMTP server, you can send e-mail through our mail (SMTP) server.

To do this, you need to log on to our SMTP server. You do not have to do this if you use
 your Internet Service Provider's server. This is so we can ensure that the mail server is
not used for SPAM. To log on to b-one's SMTP server, you need to set up your mail client
to use SMTP authentication.

To use B-one's SMTP server, enter

In "Logon Information" enter the e-mail address and password that you created in the control panel
(Check Create a new e-mail account)

Configuration of B-one's SMTP server in Outlook

You need to log on to B-one's SMTP server before you can use it. (This is not necessary if you
use your ISP's SMTP server.)

Click "More settings"

Select Outgoing Server and then My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
Click "OK".

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

If your Internet Service Provider does not allow traffic through port 25 you will need to make
 the following changes.

Select Advanced. In "Outgoing server (SMTP)" enter 2525.

Click "OK"