O.v.F in Gothenburg

When someone (Papa) is relaxing in front of the computer.......

Bulten is driving down to Gothenburg by car.

We decided to go to a small amusement park ( ;) ) to start the evening

Where we where also going for a pentathlon.

But first we needed a beer.....

A lot of beers. :P

But you can't only be drinking; you have to try out the local kitchen as well.

Jari with a sledgehammer

Papa is going for the gun.

Jari and Papa.

When the pentathlon where al over, it was time to count the scores, I do not remember who won it al, (Shampo ;))

Shampo with a nice smile and a beer in hes hand :P

Bulten whit out any beer :(


= <( O.v.F )> =