According to the rules of Clan Base al players have to use Cheat-Eye during the CB wars. Cheat-Eye is a program that takes screen shoots during the game, so that you can prove to your opponent that you didnít cheat.


You can download Cheat Eye from Cheat Eye with patch G, and save it somewhere where you could find it later.


This is a zip file, so you have to unpack it before you can install it.




When thatís done, start the CheatEyeVC1407_setup.exe by double click on it.



Press next



Press next



Press Accept



Browse your way to the Vietcong folder, default location is c:\program files\vietcong, and then press next.



The Cheat Eye will now install, when finish press close.



To get the G patch, copy the file CE1407VC.exe to your Vietcong folder. (default location is c:\program files\vietcong)





You will get a message that ask you if you want to over write an older file, chose yes.



Now the Cheat eye is installed on your computer, to check that you got the right version look at the bottom of the window when you have started the program.



Notice that it says that the Cheat eye isnít active, it want be until you have started Vietcong and moved past the first screen. (Use the Start VC button to launch Vietcong)



When the game is al over, you will se that the Cheat eye have gone in to an active state. It is now time to save your screen shoots. It is simply done by pres the Alibi Files tab in the bottom of the window.



And then press start zipping alibis.



When finished an message box will appear, pres OK.



To view your screens go to the Screen Viewr tab and press the button.



In the next window press the open Alibi button.



And brows your way to the alibifiles. (default location c:\program files\vietcong\alibis)



Al screens will contain information about your version and your Cheat eye ID.